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Adobe unveils Real-Time Customer Data Platform innovations

Adobe has announced new innovations in the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP), which now delivers over 600 billion predictive insights annually based on real-time customer profiles. 

Designed to drive experience-led growth, Adobe's latest innovations are designed to enable superior prospecting and conversion, enhanced B2B account-based marketing and richer personalisation using online shopping behaviours.

Powered by Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Real-Time CDP insights enable teams to directly engage customers at key moments in their journeys, the company says. 

"Adobe Real-Time CDP helps businesses make better use of their data, delivering a unified view of customer experiences and critical insights that power one-to-one personalisation at scale. Adobe Experience Platforms robust ecosystem of over 450 partner integrations and Adobe Real-Time CDPs connectors enable data collection, enrichment and distribution of data across multiple sources at incredible speed and scale."
"Adobe Experience Cloud applications, from Adobe Real-Time CDP to Adobe Journey Optimiser and Customer Journey Analytics, work together to help brands drive the next phase of their digital transformation, which will be anchored in wide-scale personalisation," says Anjul Bhambhri, Senior Vice President, Adobe Experience Cloud platform engineering at Adobe. 

"In a hyper-competitive economic climate, where consumers now re-evaluate the products and services they buy each day, a brand's key long-term growth driver is the ability to show people you accurately understand their current needs," Bhambhri says.

Adobe Real-Time CDP has become the customer experience engine of choice for leading brands across numerous industries, most recently selected by Chipotle, The Dow Chemical Company, Novo Nordisk, Petco, Qualcomm, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Truist Financial and U.S. Bank. Additionally, Meta has selected Adobe to improve Facebook Ad Targeting and Analysis, because Real-Time CDP allows Meta to use first-party data in a privacy-compliant way to strengthen customer personalisation. These brands join leaders and longtime users of Adobe Real-Time CDP including Coles, Dicks Sporting Goods, FC Bayern, Major League Baseball, Panera Bread, Real Madrid, ServiceNow, Signet Jewelers, Suncorp, T. Rowe Price and TSB Bank.

Brands are using Adobe Real-Time CDP to generate customer profiles that update in real time as interactions happen across online and offline channels. Aggregated across multiple brands, Adobe Real-Time CDP is processing over 30 trillion audiences every day, activating personalised campaigns across channels to drive growth.

New Innovations in Adobe Real-Time CDP

To help brands unlock additional value, Adobe Real-Time CDP is introducing new innovations that accelerate personalisation at scale and drive experience-led growth:

Audience and Journey Creation: Adobe Real-Time CDP will leverage Adobes new Sensei GenAI services in Adobe Experience Cloud to automatically generate multiple variations of rich audience segments, providing precision for personalisation campaigns delivered to millions of customers. Using Adobe Journey Optimiser, brands will be able to simulate customer experiences as they happen across online and offline channels, obtaining real-time insights on next-best offers and touchpoints for customers.
Generative Playbooks: To accelerate value realisation, Adobe is introducing Generative Playbooks, offering marketers use case templates that will help with brainstorming and ideating customer journeys. Built with Adobe Sensei GenAI, Generative Playbooks will leverage Adobes deep expertise, proprietary data and experience across various industries. Marketers will be able to use conversation-based AI to simulate customer journeys, author new use cases, and request suggestions for better customer use case alternatives based on marketing goals all driving superior and more meaningful results. 
Prospecting, Enriching and Activating with Partners: To solve for the prospecting challenges marketers face in a cookieless future, Adobe is announcing new product enhancements and partner integrations for Real-Time CDP. New enhancements enable first-party enrichment with partners such as Merkle and Epsilon, while new integrations with Amazon Ads and TikTok provide opportunities to reach customers through an expanded set of channels including short-form video. A new integration with LiveRamp enables activations in connected TV and audio. With 60% of all experience personalisation currently depending on third-party cookies, these native integrations will help brands uncover new audiences. 
Enhancing B2B account-based marketing: Brands selling directly to other brands face unique challenges, including long sales cycles and complex buying journeys. Rather than targeting individuals, B2B brands must understand and engage full account teams. New capabilities in Adobe Real-Time CDP will allow B2B brands to connect with unknown prospects at known accounts. Tapping into insights across Marketo Engage and third-party platforms such as LinkedIn, brands can intelligently engage new contacts to drive cross-sell opportunities within teams. 
Leveraging e-commerce for richer personalisation: As e-commerce is exploding, integrations between Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Commerce will enable brands to maximise e-commerce activity. Brands can use insights into online shopping behaviours to improve personalisation. For instance, sectors such as retail and consumer goods can use analyses of website purchasing habits to target content on different channels. Additionally, brands can use customer preferences stored in Real-Time CDP to enhance online shopping experiences and personalise promotional offers. 
Managing consumer data responsibly: Adobe Real-Time CDP builds each new capability with privacy in mind, ensuring appropriate governance of every step from data ingestion to activation. Now generally available, Adobes Privacy and Security Shield enables brands in regulated industries to deliver personalised experiences while managing the customer data lifecycle and maintaining the highest level of data security and compliance. Healthcare Shield specifically supports HIPAA-ready use cases, allowing healthcare brands to surface real-time insights and support new ways to improve patient experiences. 

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