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Geonode champions eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fireworks
Mon, 30th Oct 2023

Traditional fireworks, while a joy for many during festive celebrations, contribute an alarming 60,000 metric tonnes of CO2 annually in the US alone. This is equivalent to the emissions of 12,000 gas-powered cars running for a whole year. Bruce Roth, an expert from Geonode, has revealed the research team’s innovative alternatives to mitigate this impact. He suggests that switching to these substitutes across global celebrations such as Christmas, could help reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 60,000 tonnes.

Fireworks are a staple of various global celebrations, however, the environmental cost remains largely underestimated. A single fireworks display releases an average of 150 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere. This figure escalates significantly considering the countless celebrations worldwide.

Roth urges adopting sustainable alternatives for festive traditions in order to combat air pollution from such events. Some of the unique alternatives assembled by Geonode include drones adorned with LED lights, advanced laser systems, projection mapping, soundless fireworks, bioluminescent shows, and virtual and augmented reality fireworks. These offer comparable, if not more mesmerising, visual spectacles without the environmental impact.

Geonode’s sustainable alternatives do not only stand to reduce carbon emissions. They also offer the added advantages of reduced noise pollution, an issue that traditional fireworks can aggravate. The safety risks associated with fireworks are eliminated with the use of Geonode’s suggestions. Furthermore, these alternatives can be tailored to fit different themes and occasions, making them an adaptable solution. Roth emphasises the importance of such evolution, reminding us to adapt traditions for the sake of our planet, and to consider alternatives for a guilt-free, green, and memorable celebration.

Contemplating more sustainable ways to light up the sky in our celebrations could lead to collective action of reducing up to 60,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The impact of switching from high emission fireworks to Geonode’s environmentally friendly alternatives offers more than just visual delight, it provides a chance to celebrate responsibly. As we move forward, it becomes essential to weigh the cost of tradition against the benefits of sustainability, for an ecologically sound, safe, and joyous festive season.