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Tony Chen stories

Tony Chen is a prolific author with a keen interest in the cutting-edge developments at the intersection of technology, digital marketing, and telecommunications. Through his storytelling, Tony provides insightful analysis and coverage of the latest advancements and partnerships that are reshaping the landscape of digital advertising and mobile communication. His work not only highlights technological innovation but also gives a glimpse into the potential future of digital interactions and connectivity.

In one of his recent pieces, Tony delves into the groundbreaking partnership between and Channel Factory, a collaboration set to revolutionise digital advertising campaigns through the integration of AI innovation. This partnership promises to optimise performance and efficiency in advertising like never before, indicating Tony's interest in how artificial intelligence is transforming traditional marketing practices. Another story showcases OPPO's pioneering efforts in spearheading 5G technology, specifically focusing on the successful conduct of voice and video calls entirely over a 5G network, in collaboration with Ericsson and MediaTek. Tony's coverage on this topic underscores his fascination with the advancements in mobile technology and the quest for improved communication in an increasingly digital world.