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Story image & Channel Factory unveil AI partnership for advertising overhaul

Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

Global digital advertising tech companies and Channel Factory have announced an exclusive global partnership aimed at enhancing campaign performance through the application of innovative artificial intelligence (AI). After months of trials and experimentation, their combined technology is expected to revolutionise the industry by tackling marketers' challenges of accelerating operational speed, increasing precision, and maximising quality while minimising time to market, resource demands, and cost.

Mattias Spetz, Global President at Channel Factory, remarked, "Our collaboration with opens up a wealth of new opportunities for evolution and innovation within the advertising sector. The integration of's technology with our ViewIQ platform is already producing remarkable results across various markets, with efficiency, effectiveness and performance optimisation taken to unprecedented levels. Nevertheless, this is merely the beginning of the and Channel Factory story, as our partnership has potential to evolve further, ultimately benefitting the advertising industry. As we progress, we will continue monitoring results to share with our clients."

By merging's leading-edge codeless AI technology with Channel Factory's pre-existing AI, the collaboration will take Channel Factory's content categorisation and alignment to new heights, reducing manual input and maximising accuracy. This integration will empower advertisers with the most extensive contextual solution to date. In effect,’s powerful AI capability in discerning audiences, content, and creators will complement Channel Factory's existing contextual advertising product, ViewIQ, thereby optimising AI and human-powered awareness campaigns.

The alliance offers the unique combination of Channel Factory’s expertise in elevating performance through top-of-the-line brand suitability and targeting, alongside's AI-enabled performance optimisation. This provides an unparalleled level of efficiency and effectiveness, allowing each campaign to realise an average of 18,000 optimisations, impressive when compared with the typical 50 manual optimisations.

Tony Chen, CEO at Channel Factory, stated, "Our partnership with represents the fusion of two industry-leading entities that will empower advertisers in accomplishing their brand safety, suitability and return-on-investment objectives via one reliable product. In a time when advertisers are under pressure to streamline media buying processes and improve campaign performance, this collaboration positions and Channel Factory as the leading platform."

Neel Pandya, CEO (EMEA & APAC) at Pixis, also shared in this optimism, “This partnership will result in enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. Pixis is ready to support Channel Factory with its state-of-the-art AI technology to facilitate further campaign optimisations at scale. We're also anticipating Channel Factory's efforts in co-marketing Pixis globally, underlining their confidence in us. It's our shared vision to develop new technologies and products that will change the face of marketing."

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