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Yahoo introduces new features for privacy-focused ad testing
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

Yahoo has announced a novel development in its identity suite, Yahoo Identity Solutions, designed to offer advertisers enhanced media insights, and the capacity to optimise and measure campaigns effectively as the use of third-party cookies declines. Integrated into the Yahoo Demand-Side Platform (DSP), these cutting-edge testing capabilities establish a simulated environment in which advertisers can test their future-proofing strategies across all web browsers and in-app inventory.

The testing features allow for the removal of cookies across all identity-related actions such as frequency capping, targeting, conversion attribution, and reach metrics. This enables advertisers to gauge how Yahoo Identity Solutions can support their programmatic media. Through a basic A/B test, advertisers can compare a control line inclusive of all third-party cookies and identifiers, with a test line that operates without them. Identity testing can be implemented for a variety of audiences, including demographic, income, interest, lookalike and predictive.

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo, explains the purpose and importance of the new testing capabilities. "As cookie deprecation quickly approaches, advertisers are looking to easily and accurately test solutions without having to change the way they buy or introduce friction into their campaigns.

"These new testing capabilities and our continued enhancement of Yahoo Identity Solutions reflect our unwavering dedication to providing advertisers with accurate insights and measurable business outcomes," she said.

Dan Richardson, Director of Data and Insights, AUSEA at Yahoo, underscores the significance of identity testing in campaign setup. "These new testing features move Identity from back end to front and centre, right there in your campaign setup, giving advertisers more control and a bigger impact.

"This underscores Yahoo's dedication to a privacy-centric and results-driven ecosystem in the APAC region, ensuring advertisers achieve their business objectives with precision and adaptability," he said.

Yahoo takes a comprehensive approach to identity across all digital environments. Yahoo Identity Solutions incorporates both Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, catering to both addressable and non-addressable inventory. Yahoo ConnectID currently reaches over 100M authenticated users across the Asia-Pacific region, powered by consent-based, first-party and partner data from Yahoo for addressable inventory. On the other hand, Next-Gen Solutions, an AI-built identity solution, uses Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience, and enhances relevance and reach in non-addressable environments.

Going forward, Yahoo remains committed to supporting the future of identity and enabling advertisers to meet their business goals in a privacy-centric ecosystem. Apart from Yahoo Identity Solutions, the company says it is poised to adopt industry solutions to ensure a holistic approach and robust results for its clientele. It adds that advertisers will also have the opportunity to test Google Privacy Sandbox APIs, providing even more signals for reaching their customers on Chrome as third-party cookies are on the verge of obsolescence.