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SQREEM Technologies acquires Melbourne's Trade Indy
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

As the advertising world braces for a future without third-party cookies, SQREEM Technologies, a Singapore-based AI company, has acquired Melbourne-based programmatic business, Trade Indy, marking a breakthrough in cookie-free, high precision audience targeting. This comes as Google gears up to deprecate third-party cookies in 2024. The newly formed partnership brings together the world's largest digital behaviour aggregator and an innovative programmatic business to create the first end-to-end audience intelligence and buying platform devoid of cookies.

SQREEM Technologies and Trade Indy's combined offering is an AI-powered insights tool called OneIntelligence. It empowers advertisers to identify key behaviours of interest, derive behavioural insights, and activate programmatic campaigns directly within the platform without compromising ethics or breaching user privacy. Over the past year, Trade Indy has stress tested and refined this technology to produce detailed audience insights and activate effective, high-performing ad campaigns.

This move brings a solution to brands, media agencies, and advertisers who have been left questioning how they can identify and reach a relevant audience without the use of cookies. The innovative tool offers a solution to the problems of higher supply chain costs and inaccurate audience data often faced by advertisers. This game-changing approach allows detailed audience insights to be used directly in activating ad campaigns, providing a vital tool to media agencies and their clients in a cookieless world.

The acquisition was revealed jointly by Directors of Trade Indy, Mark Rosenberg and James Robertson, who expressed their enthusiasm and positivity about the significant agreement. "The agreement to merge with SQREEM expands both business offerings by bringing together our experienced managed service team with advanced, cookieless, AI-driven technology. This move into the SQREEM group is an exciting growth opportunity at a time when the market is demanding next-generation digital media solutions.", stated Rosenberg.

The acquisition comes as the first phase of SQREEM's global expansion plan, which includes venturing into new territories, such as Australia. CEO of SQREEM Technologies, Ian Chapman Banks, noted: "The Trade Indy acquisition is significant in that it simultaneously puts SQREEM into the global A-League of AI Innovators but domestically, whilst Australia currently ranks 15th out of 62 countries across the world for AI adoption, this presents a unique opportunity for early adopters like SQREEM and Trade Indy, to drive significant growth for their clients whilst expanding their global reach and relevance."

This partnership aims to revolutionise digital advertising by providing brands with the power to identify and illustrate their audiences with precision, thereby building longer-term digital relationships, enhancing brand impact, and driving budget accountability. According to SQREEM Technologies, this partnership equips them to be "one of the world's largest AI Partnership providers".

The acquisition, effective immediately, brings a future-forward solution to an imminent issue in the digital landscape. These advancements may indeed guide the way as advertisers globally adjust to the upcoming shift in the ad-targeting landscape.