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Matt Gudge named as Healthengine's new Chief Marketing Officer
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Matt Gudge has been appointed as the new Chief Marketing Officer for Healthengine, the largest consumer healthcare platform in Australia. Gudge, who brings with him a rich reservoir of expertise gathered during his time in both Australia and the UK, joins the Healthengine leadership team immediately. His role will primarily involve creating innovative and customer-centric solutions for both consumers and healthcare providers.

Gudge's former roles as a senior marketer for Mable and Big Red Group set a solid foundation for his new role as CMO for Healthengine. This pivotal role will see Gudge working towards keeping Healthengine as the preferred healthcare platform for Australians, reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Dan Stinton.

Speaking on the new appointment, Stinton displayed his enthusiasm: "Matt’s appointment reflects our commitment to investing in both talent and technology to improve access to healthcare for Australians. We're extremely excited to have him onboard as a core part of the Healthengine leadership team." Stepping beyond tech, Stinton stressed the importance of a people-driven approach, stating: "While technology is a big aspect of the Healthengine story, we are also very much a people-based business."

Gudge is expected to contribute a cross-functional range of skills in marketing such as brand strategy and development, digital, and business development, which will further enhance Healthengine's capacity to deliver innovative, customer-focused solutions. "His arrival not only indicates Healthengine's growth, but further expands the business ability to deliver the innovative, customer-focused solutions that we are renowned for," added Stinton.

Gudge also expressed excitement about his new role and aligning his values with the company ethos. "With a well-earned reputation as a business that delivers innovation and results, I'm thrilled to be part of the Healthengine team. It’s exciting to join a company that places such a strong focus on innovation and meeting the needs and expectations of customers as well as supporting the healthcare journey of people around the country," stated Gudge. He further added, "Health is an area I'm deeply passionate about, and a great deal of my work over the past decade has centered around online platforms and e-commerce. Hence, Healthengine feels a very natural fit for me."

Gudge is eager to get started and wants to enhance the reputation of the healthcare space in Australia. "I'm looking forward to working closely with Dan and the wider team to continue embedding a more positive reputation for the healthcare space in Australia," he says.