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LUMOS Intelligence reshapes Out-of-Home marketing]
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

LUMOS Intelligence, an innovative platform bringing transformative marketing insights to light, is reshaping how the Australian audience engages with the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry. This ground-breaking platform assists media professionals in curating and implementing campaigns by providing crucial insights regarding the target audience, optimal media format, type, location, and timing.

LUMOS Intelligence is the world's pioneer unified audience targeting and attribution tool. It integrates geotagging, artificial intelligence, and mobility data to examine over 100 billion data points each month. These capabilities enable the platform to scrutinise consumer behaviour and pinpoint the best opportunities to engage them effectively.

CEO of LUMOS, Eric Fan, shared, "we've got a monumental collection of privacy-compliant, first-party data – 41 million unique IDs, 18 million unified profiles and more than 7,000 segment attributes derived from billions of data points related to movement, demographic, household spending, and digital behaviour. They're refreshed daily, giving a truly near real-time representation."

By refining marketing campaigns' precision and effectiveness, LUMOS Intelligence caught several notable new clients' attention, including OOH agency, Revolution360. Josh Fitzgerald, National Sales Director, praised the platform's potential to monitor Street Poster and Wall Mural campaigns in real-time.

Fitzgerald commented, "we desired a technology to upgrade our audience measurement tool, 360Intelligence. We were interested in the most comprehensive and up to date audience data in the OOH industry. The LUMOS platform not only met but exceeded our expectations, introducing unique abilities like real-time campaign tracking and audience segment heat mapping."

Traditionally, the transit advertising sector encountered issues in evaluating genuine OOH ROI, optimising OOH space, converting offline audiences online, and closing the loop on campaigns. LUMOS Intelligence is transforming this landscape for companies like GoTransit Media Group by unveiling the actual audience reach of OOH adverts on light rail assets within the Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Kirrily Hirst, GoTransit Media Group's Director of Sales, revealed, "we now can tap into reliable, credible and comprehensive audience insights. They include detailed demographic data such as age, gender, geo-behaviour, interests, online and offline engagements and subscriptions. We can now leverage over 7000 audience attributes, enabling us to better understand how brands and our expansive transit media network captivate their target audience."

Anmol Nayak, LUMOS' Chief Data Officer, underscored the unique capabilities that the platform offers. He elaborated, "LUMOS's data intelligence platform can observe the impact of OOH advertising on foot traffic into physical stores or web traffic uplift. We can effortlessly establish a proximity zone around the physical store and recognise anonymised audiences exposed to the campaign."

Multiple brands, agencies, and media owners, including Broadsign, Hivestack, DoorDash, Spark Foundry, and DeliveryHero, among others, have partnered with LUMOS for sharper insights into their media drives. Meanwhile, several tier 1 and independent agencies and regional media owners are piloting programmes with LUMOS for their 2024 campaigns, extending its reach to over 15 international partners and 8,000+ OOH assets.

Fan aspires to democratise the industry by stating, "our goal is to be the trusted partner the media industry can rely on to unleash the full potential of their work. By utilising our unique data and insights, we help create innovative campaigns that capture hearts and attention."

The LUMOS Intelligence platform, the product of collaboration between top data and tech talent from Deloitte Consulting, Google, Uber, and other prominent firms, addresses all data-related challenges across various aspects. These include media planning and activation, audience analytics, campaign reporting, attribution and inventory management, promising extensive solutions in a single product.