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Bonzai to enhance digital ad viewability performance
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

The creative automation platform, Bonzai, has launched a new premium digital ad format aimed at maximising ad viewability performance. Dubbed as the "Fillboard," it disrupts traditional billboard ad formats and promises to capture greater attention leading to improved brand engagement metrics.

Bonzai, which is widely trusted by Australia and New Zealand's largest publishers, agencies, and advertisers, unveiled Fillboard with the aim of enhancing user experiences for ads served across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Increasingly, an ad campaign's success is reliant on its viewability. Bonzai's Fillboard, positioned at the top of pages for non-intrusive visibility, enhances viewability and brand recall.

Clarifying the idea of Ad Viewability, it represents the likelihood of the intended audience seeing the ad. This involves gauging its presence on a user's screen on page or app loading, and its duration of visibility during an advertising impression. Consequently, the higher the ad viewability score, the better the campaign performance report will be, and the greater the demand for the ad inventory will increase.

Rahul Pandey, the Founder and CEO at Bonzai, emphasised the critical role of user attention in digital advertising. "With a keen understanding of how the slightest boost in user attention can bring significant gains in ad awareness, Bonzai Fillboard was designed with care. We are offering a solution that helps avoid outdated intrusive methods, prioritising contextual advertising that aligns with user intent. Moving away from formats that interrupt, cover site content or don't work across devices, advertisers can now utilise Fillboard, a fresh way to connect with their audiences and stand out in the crowded digital landscape", he said.

The Fillboard format also helps publishers to optimise viewable impressions for advertisers, which can ultimately drive confidence in online ad spending. After launching Fillboard in H1 of 2024, the Bonzai team eagerly awaits the leverage publishers will get from this new ad format, potentially influencing ad revenues positively.

The Head of Ad Operations at The Guardian, Ash Tanwar, commented on the benefits of the partnership. "Our long-standing partnership with Bonzai has played a pivotal role in shaping our vision for a product geared towards enhancing ad effectiveness. This close collaboration with the team has culminated in an ad format that ensures heightened viewability for our readers, thanks to its ingenious cross-screen experience. With initial testing already proving to have promising results, this new product is undeniably set to excite our advertisers," he said.

Bonzai's Fillboard follows the launch of their BrandStory, now a top-performing mobile ad format delivering triple the ad space and 2.8 times a greater time-in-view than single scroll ad formats. Bonzai's innovative products continue to answer the growing worldwide demand from brands seeking to achieve substantial results from their advertising spend.

In terms of its global presence, Bonzai, headquartered in Singapore, has made a sizeable impact across APAC, serving nearly every major publisher and thousands of advertisers with its ad-tech products. With partnerships spanning from Westfield to Mercedes-Benz, to smaller regional businesses, Bonzai's display ad solutions have been prominent in assisting businesses become more productive and agile in their creative content creation and digital marketing endeavours.