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Zoku Travel partners with LA Tourism Bureau for innovative travel platform

Mon, 29th Jan 2024

In what is poised to be a game changer for the global travel industry, Zoku Travel has partnered with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau in an innovative collaboration aimed at redefining the travel landscape. Launching on 29th January 2024, the pioneering campaign will utilise Zoku Travel's unique platform to enable content creators to monetise their influence and distribute travel products seamlessly on a global scale.

Zoku Travel, a groundbreaking creator-travel platform that launched in 2023, has disrupted the industry with its technology maintained online travel shopfronts and booking engine. This platform empowers creators with the necessary tools, margins and travel products to kickstart and scale their own online travel businesses in just minutes. The partnership with Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau will mark an industry milestone and usher in a new era in which travel advisors will need to enhance their skills to stay competitive.

The exciting campaign will feature renowned Australian creators, Tegan Raymont and Nathan Landers. The creators will immerse themselves in Los Angeles’ rich culture and history, documenting their experiences in four distinctive regions of the city – Hollywood, Los Feliz, Venice, and Redondo Beach. Through the Zoku Travel platform, their firsthand experiences and hotel stays at venues such as Tommie Hollywood, Cara Hotel, Hotel Erwin and Sonesta Redondo Beach and Marina will be shared with their followers and made available for booking directly.

Zoku Travel's innovative online travel shops allow creators to effortlessly showcase and sell personalised travel experiences to their audiences. The booking engine houses over 600,000 global accommodation options and feature personally curated hotels and multi-day package offerings. Moreover, the platform manages payment processing and provides round-the-clock customer service for all bookings, enabling creators to focus on creating engaging and meaningful content for their followers.

"Zoku Travel is thrilled to partner with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau," said Vanessa Richards, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Zoku Travel. She added that the collaboration marked the beginning of a new era where creators take centre stage in shaping the narrative of travel exploration and discovery as well as its distribution. "With Tegan and Nathan at the forefront, two of Australia’s most talented travel creatives, this collaboration solidifies our commitment to revolutionise the travel industry."

Don Skeoch, Chief Marketing Officer at the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau, also expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative. He lauded Los Angeles as a city that thrives on creativity and asserted that the collaboration perfectly aligns with their mission to highlight the diverse and dynamic experiences their city has to offer.

Zoku Travel is set to push the boundaries of traditional travel distribution and experiences by offering an unparalleled blend of authenticity, personalisation, and product accessibility.

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