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Twitch announces 'Stories on Twitch' feature for mobile app users
Tue, 17th Oct 2023

Twitch will announce the launch of a new feature on its mobile app, 'Stories on Twitch.' This announcement is expected on Monday, 16 October at 11:00 AM PT (Tuesday, 17 October, 2:00 AM SGT). This new feature will be fully accessible by the end of the week in the mobile app.

This feature will enable partners and affiliates who have streamed for at least 45 minutes in the past month to make their Stories. Users of the Twitch mobile app will be able to view the Stories of the streamers they subscribe and follow. The Stories will expire after 48 hours. This gives viewers more time to enjoy each post, and it also provides streamers an opportunity to learn what kind of Stories engage their community the most.

Streamers who can create Stories will be able to use three types of format; Images, where they can take a photo or upload an existing one; Canvas, which allows streamers to add a colour-gradient or Twitch-designed backgrounds; Clips, where they can add clips of their channel or featured Clips of another channel. They will also be able to layer on text and/or emotes to any image/clip/canvas. Other features include notifications for when a streamer has posted a story, analytics of views and reactions, and a subscriber-only Story option.

Eduardo Fenilli, Sr. Product Manager at Twitch, said, "I'm excited to announce the launch of Stories on Twitch, a new feature in the Twitch mobile app that helps you stay connected with your community when you're not live. By building Stories into the Twitch experience, we've made it easier for you to reach your community directly on Twitch, through short posts that expire in 48 hours."

He explained that the Stories feature will make it possible for streamers to quickly create and share content every day with their Twitch community using their mobile device. The user base, with the latest version of the app, is set to see the new stories shelf at the top of the Following page.

Fenilli added, "Stories let you share photos, clips, or freeform content using text, custom channel emotes, and backgrounds. So if you want to share a great moment from your latest stream, you'll be able to select a clip and easily relive the hype together.” He also stressed that streamers can use the feature to share anything they want, reinforcing the bond between them and their community.

Aside from this, Fenilli pointed out that Twitch Stories will allow streamers to recognize their subscribers. He said, "Streamers with at least 30 subscribers (including gift subs) will have the option to create sub-only stories. Posting sub-only stories is a great way to add even more value to your supporters' subscriptions through exclusive content."

Fenilli ended his comment with Twitch's commitment to viewer and streamer safety. He said, "Safety is factored into everything we build, so we want to roll stories out in a way that fosters a safe space for you and your community." Twitch plans to add more features to the Stories function in the coming months and encourages everyone to provide feedback for it.