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Singapore's Meta Fantasy clinches Google AI Trailblazer Award
Mon, 12th Feb 2024

The Singapore-based startup, Meta Fantasy, has bagged the coveted AI Trailblazers Transformation Award from the Google AI Trailblazers Programme. This prestigious recognition was given in recognition of its cutting-edge platform utilising state-of-the-art AIGC 3D spatial technology. The programme, a joint venture by Singapore government agencies and Google Cloud, is aimed at driving the advancement of generative AI development in Singapore. Meta Fantasy rose to the top amidst over 600 strong counterparts to earn this honour.

Focused on shaping the future of generative AI, Meta Fantasy plans to launch its next-generation platform, Metasy, in the first quarter of 2024. Metasy aims to deliver a suite of AI-generated 3D space tools to allow users to create their virtual 3D spaces with a simple click. It comprises three key components: Metasy Studio, an AI world creation engine; Metasy Client, a user-generated content interactive platform; both of which are powered by the Metasy AI Cloud.

Aiming to simplify the process of creating a virtual space, Metasy takes advantage of advanced AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies dramatically decrease the complexity of creating a virtual space, thus bridging the gap between human imagination and technical execution at unprecedented speed. The ambition of its creation is to let everyone construct their dream virtual reality, reshaping the realm of the upcoming 3D Internet era.

Aside from offering a novel form of entertainment and social networking encompassing gaming, film, music and virtual world simulations, Metasy could have significant implications for businesses. For instance, through the creation of AI sales assistants serving clients in virtual stores, e-commerce businesses can design unique, immersive brand experiences that enhance the customer journey. The platform also supports the creation of a digital twin to enhance interaction with fans and gather insights for influencers and celebrities. Additional verticals such as education, therapy, tourism, and the arts can also benefit from the specific LLMs and 3D visual aids in their virtual spaces.

The award, along with a USD $200,000 worth of Google Cloud credit, solidifies Meta Fantasy's standing as an industry disruptor with innovative AI tools encouraging adoption and transformation. This victory also kickstarts a close collaboration with Google Cloud, supplying Meta Fantasy with further technical and marketing support.

"We are thrilled to be recognised by the nation leaders and industry giants for our efforts in the AI and technological innovation space," said Charles Chen, President of Meta Fantasy. "In the next five years, the AI virtual reality field will undergo rapid changes at a speed faster than ever before. This transformation will impact the way we use internet services such as making an online payment or choosing delivery services. Everything will be seamlessly integrated into the virtual world."