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Similarweb announces Digital Marketing Awards winners, including Panasonic
Fri, 24th Feb 2023

Five digital marketing innovators have received wins for notable performance at the Similarweb Digital Marketing Awards.

This competitive awards program recognises success at using wide-ranging digital marketing techniques to successfully drive traffic and achieve significant business impact, as judged by both Similarweb Digital Data and the review of our panel of digital marketing experts.

The Digital Marketing Awards 2023 recognises the following examples of digital marketing excellence.

  • The Spotlight Award to Panasonic for leveraging search stickiness to drive brand recognition. The payoff included a 10% increase in desktop traffic and 14% for mobile, year-over-year (YoY).
  • The Titan Award to Shein, which built on its strong global brand to enter new markets such as Brazil. On top of 22% YoY global traffic growth, they lept ahead by 122% in Brazil.
  • The Challenger Award to Hey Dude Shoes for using the reach of Google and Amazon to capture share from bigger competitors in the shoe segment. Hey Dude achieved a 45% YoY growth in total visits, going far beyond the competition.
  • The Referral Award to Pizza Hut Japan for using referrals from other websites to capture market share. In December, they achieved 50% traffic growth compared with an industry average of about 10%.
  • The Streamline Award to Lululemon for demonstrating excellence in pay-per-click mobile search as one of the tactics allowing it to defend its market share in a tough economy for retail. Lululemon achieved 50% YoY growth in mobile traffic, boosting the performance of its direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.

Benjamin Seror, Chief Product Officer of Similarweb, comments, “Smart businesses use Digital Data to make effective strategic decisions and achieve exceptional digital success. The Digital Marketing Awards put a spotlight on the best of the best across multiple highly competitive categories."

Seror says, “We recently announced the annual Similarweb Digital 100, which ranks companies by digital growth in 10 categories. With both awards, we showcase the impact of digital data and seek to inspire digital excellence for all.

“While the winners succeeded in different ways, together they demonstrate the payoff from systematically evaluating metrics of digital success and seeking new ways of improving those metrics."

Similarweb is a trusted platform for understanding online behaviour, used by millions of people every day to create insights and strengthen their knowledge of the digital world.

The company is focused on helping users, both individuals and enterprises, to make smarter decisions by understanding why things happen across the digital ecosystem. All performance measures included above are Similarweb estimates.