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PhiliaDX unveils AI-powered 3D content production solution at CONTENT TOKYO
Mon, 1st Jan 2024

PhiliaDX, a forerunner in metaverse content development, has launched its new 3D content production solution. The announcement was made at CONTENT TOKYO 2023, with the solution equipping users to efficiently create high-quality 3D content using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processes.

During the event, PhiliaDX played an active role in the K-Metaverse Pavilion, a collaborative hub supported by Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT, and formed under the '2023 Metaverse Global Marketing Support Project' by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

The company exhibited its innovative 3D content production solution to a global audience, with company representatives conducting several meetings with potential partners from Japan and numerous other nations.

PhiliaDX's solution facilitates the speedy generation of high-resolution 3D content that can feature a variety of subjects, including both people and objects. A breakthrough aspect of this solution is the use of cross-polarised shooting with four concurrent cameras to maintain consistent lighting and colour accuracy.

Furthermore, depending on the size of the object being captured, shooting settings are optimised to enable high-resolution 3D content creation across a range of objects.

In a significant advancement beyond the constraints of traditional 3D content production, which normally requires extensive post-production edits to filmed data, PhiliaDX's solution deploys a fully automated, AI-based production system. This delivers impressive efficiencies, driving a reduction in 3D production time and costs of over 90% compared to earlier methods.

PhiliaDX's launch at CONTENT TOKYO 2023 didn't go unnoticed among industry insiders, leading to a significant partnership being forged. The company announced a strategic business agreement with SUN AD, a respected Japanese advertising agency. The partnership is focused on joint development and provision of 3D content production solutions.

Sun AD provides planning and production of advertising, publicity, and sales promotions. These include TV commercials, newspaper and magazine advertising, posters, catalogs, PR brochures, sales promotion tools, and more.

With this partnership in place, PhiliaDX states the company foresees its 3D content production solution being widely adopted across various sectors. These include architectural design, the automotive industry, e-commerce 3D configurators, virtual showrooms, and 3D advertisement production.

PhiliaDX's CEO Se-an Kwon stated, "By incorporating AI technology to streamline the complete process of creating immersive 3D content, we've greatly improved the cost-effectiveness issues that previously hampered 3D production."

"We remain completely dedicated to teaming up with companies in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, ensuring that our solutions fit the needs of diverse industries seeking smooth 3D content integration."