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INTIX pioneers real-time marketing in event ticketing technology

Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

INTIX, an innovative event ticketing technology firm, is spearheading the use of real-time marketing to boost event revenues. Traditionally only managed through social media, real-time marketing provides a dynamic way of engaging customers during an event whilst also supplying an opportunity to promote additional products and services.

INTIX is now providing event managers the technology to market directly to all attendees of an event in real-time, through instantaneous communication methods such as push notifications and SMS. This creates a direct, immediate communication channel with event-goers right on their mobile devices.

Alex Grant, CEO of INTIX, confirmed that event organisers are continuously seeking ways to lessen administrative tasks, enhance attendees' event experience, and maximise returns on investment. He believes that adopting real-time marketing can offer an essential edge to events since it is easy to manage, considerably augments revenue, and supplies a selling point for potential sponsors.

"As long as everyone purchases tickets online, or at the gate via our smartphone tap-to-pay app, or has a digital membership (for sporting events), you can communicate to everyone who scanned in via push notifications and/or SMS", Alex explained, highlighting the broad reach of this innovative strategy.

Through the integration of multiple features in its platform, INTIX allows event organisers to consolidate all their audience data and optimise revenue and sales growth opportunities. The feature has already found traction among event managers who have successfully utilised this real-time marketing potential to sell-out merchandise at events, up-sell food and beverages and secure potentially lucrative sponsorship deals by adding an in-event, real-time marketing aspect to the sponsorship package.

Illustrating the potential of this new marketing strategy, Grant said, "Large-scale events have sponsors paying millions of dollars for 30 seconds of commercial time. Imagine the commercial possibilities events can offer organisations, who aren't even sponsors, to increase revenue."

The scheme could easily be rolled out across varying types and sizes of events including sporting functions, festivals, and concerts. According to Grant, its main aim is to add value by increasing customer engagement and event revenue. He argued that innovation and evolution are important within the event space. "To give your attendees the best experience, you need to be offering the best available technology," he added.

Owing to the successful integration of real-time marketing with the tech advancements offered by INTIX, a global industry shift to adopt these technological advantages can be anticipated soon. As Grant asserts, "It won't be long until all major events are using real-time marketing."

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