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ConversionCow launches to level up marketing efficiency for small businesses

Tue, 19th Dec 2023

ConversionCow, a new MarTech SaaS company, has recently been launched by former professional at Clemenger and GYPR, Irwin Hau, with an aim to help small businesses deliver expansive and succinct sales messages to customers. Being a low-cost but high-volume solution, ConversionCow takes on the role of an intelligent salesperson, customisable to customer interactions with websites.

The inspiration for founding ConversionCow came from Mr Hau's own experiences and insight gathered over his substantial 14 years career as a digital agency founder at Chromatix Web Design. His aspiration to make marketing expenses more beneficial for business owners was what ultimately led to the conception of ConversionCow. Originally created as a tool for his own business, Mr Hau quickly identified its potential as a scalable product that could meet robust market demand.

Irwin Hau, often referred to as the 'website whisperer', provided insight into the challenges faced by small to medium business owners, remarking, "So many SMBs don't have the sales basics that tell customers the who, what, why and how clearly and quickly on their website, which means their marketing efforts don't convert. It's like pouring water into a leaky bucket." He went on to explain how ConversionCow addresses this issue, explaining that "It facilitates crystal clear web communication that can be personalised so that each customer has a tailored sales pitch to fit their precise needs."

With an emphasis on user-friendly technology, ConversionCow can be used without the necessity of coding skills. The software has the ability to make each marketing dollar more impactful, equating its cost to the price of a daily cup of coffee. This cost-impact balance, according to Mr Hau, is something that could substantially benefit small businesses.

Mr Hau's enterprise quickly evolved from a personal project, turning into a business with a goal of assisting one million businesses to better leverage their web sales tactics. Reflecting the entrepreneurial essence that lay at the core of his own professional journey, his dedication to helping businesses attain clear cut results demonstrates his consolidated commitment towards providing meaningful solutions in a bustling market landscape.

The software is adaptable to any website and category and includes a variety of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned marketing professionals. ConversionCow's broad-ranging applicability, coupled with its affordable cost and clear, market-tested advantages offers businesses an effective tool to streamline and enhance their sales efficiency.

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