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Adobe claims CX revolution with new Experience Mgr for Enterprises
Wed, 11th Oct 2023

Adobe is reshaping customer experiences with the release of its new Adobe Experience Manager for Enterprises. The substantial updates to Adobe Experience Manager Sites now empower businesses in website creation and facilitate the easy creation and editing of web content using popular word processing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

The new features not only enable businesses to quickly experiment with and adjust web content, but also provide the ability to boost site performance with Adobe-developed tools. Several renowned global brands, including 24 Hour Fitness, Hanesbrands, Merative, PGA TOUR, Sunstar, Volvo Trucks and WESCO International, are already reaping the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Recent improvements in Experience Manager Sites come at crucial times, with companies under increasing pressure to deliver personalised digital experiences swiftly. The latest release allows brands to create and manage content faster, tailor web content for customer engagement and drive improved business performance and customer engagement.

Eric Hall, SVP and CMO, Digital Experience Business at Adobe, outlined the company's vision: "Adobe continues to introduce industry-first innovations that empower enterprises to deliver personalised, engaging customer experiences at greater speed than ever before. We're proud that global brands are already realising the benefits from adopting the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites, accelerating their ability to achieve profitable, experience-led growth."

New capabilities in the latest Adobe Experience Manager Sites include enhanced site performance, enabling marketing departments to lift their SEO rankings, traffic and conversions. Other advances include web content optimisation tools, allowing quick testing of brand experiences and insights generation to improve web page components and mobile app elements for higher engagement and conversion. Furthermore, the content management process has been expedited and made more accessible to marketers using familiar productivity tools.

Unique to Adobe Experience Manager is Adobe Sensei GenAI, which offers powerful LLM-agnostic tools enabling brands to write and adjust copy in their unique voices. Also, real-time insights can guide personalisation efforts to target audiences while granting teams the understanding of the digital experiences that resonate with customers. In turn, this allows for optimisation improvements over time through continuous experimentation.

Early adopters, including Volvo Trucks and Merative, have significantly improved their web and mobile performance scores, while Hanes subsidiary Maidenform created their fastest eCommerce website to date. Leo Griffin, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Technology at Hanes, emphasises the result of this innovation, saying: "With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, we're now consistently seeing the new website running at 95-100, which is an incredible speed jump. We believe these improvements will not only give our customers the best experience possible but also positively impact our business goals."

Notably, the new system additionally allows authors to create SEO-perfect content swiftly in a scalable and secure environment without needing prior web experience. Sunstar's Director of Digital Transformation Strategy & Services, Kelly Hungerford, highlighted the efficiency, saying: "We launched a pilot to lift and shift from a complex editorial installation and delivered, as promised, a UAT-validated website in 5 languages within 12 weeks. We can't plan our next launches fast enough."

The all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites is now available to businesses globally.