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67% of Australian marketers embrace AI: LinkedIn's new AI tool to 'Accelerate' operations
Thu, 5th Oct 2023

LinkedIn has today unveiled new research and product developments, revealing an industry trend towards the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the research, 67% of Australian marketers believe AI will revolutionise their content creation and daily operations.

The company has announced a new solution aimed at this direction, known as Accelerate, which leverages AI to provide an automated B2B marketing campaign creation experience. With Accelerate, marketers can develop full campaigns, including optimisations for a B2B audience, in a remarkably short time. The automated feature is built on the foundation of LinkedIn's suite of AI tools, which have already demonstrated a significant 47% improvement in cost per conversion and a 21% increase in cost per lead.

Accelerate is only available to selected customers in North America, but plans are in place to roll out the tool to marketers in Australia, North America, and India in the following weeks. The global introduction is anticipated to take place in 2024.

The introduction of AI tools like Accelerate stands to significantly benefit Australia. They can help marketers streamline daily tasks, competitive edge, and tap into newfound creative and strategic opportunities. The latest research from LinkedIn highlights several benefits of AI to marketers, including improved productivity, a thirst for more AI knowledge, a need for AI assistance, and access to faster knowledge and insights. The research also shows interest from 33% of Australia's B2B marketers in using generative AI for creating more content in less time and expectations from 41% of marketers that AI will reduce workload and improve work-life balance.

According to Matt Tindale, Senior Director and head of LMS APAC, the integration of AI opens up numerous prospects for marketers. "At LinkedIn, we’re incredibly excited about how AI will help our customers unlock new dimensions of their brand’s story and improve their performance, enabling them to focus on higher-value work," Tindale said. "From our research on the subject, we’ve found that many marketers believe embracing AI empowers them to upskill in their careers. At the same time, the technology helps businesses navigate the ever-evolving industry landscape. This is why we’re investing in products such as Accelerate, allowing marketers to be able to set up a campaign on LinkedIn in just five minutes."

LinkedIn believes innovative products like Accelerate can help media and marketing professionals redefine content creation, drive creativity and streamline campaigns, ultimately taking their skills and efficiency to new heights.