Understanding us
In addition to sites in the Asia we have sites in Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.
We operate 28 tech news sites across the globe
18 years old
Publishing since 2005
Our site's reach
316 million
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Target markets
Telecommunications decision makers Telecommunications & contact center technology decision-makers at large enterprise and government organisations.
au | nz | uk | asia
Financial decision-makers CFOs and finance department employees who are interested in information technology at organisations with 200 seats or more.
nz | au | asia | uk
IT decision-makers CIOs, IT managers & other IT decision-makers at large enterprise and government organisations.
asia | uk | nz | au
eCommerce tech decision-makers Key marketing, operational & technology decision-makers in leading e-Commerce businesses of all sizes.
au | asia | uk | nz
MarTech decision-makers Chief Marketing Officer and other marketing technology decision-makers at large enterprises
uk | asia
Channel partners Channel partners including system integrators, MSPs, resellers, service centres and retailers.
uk | nz | au
Cyber security decision-makers Enterprise cyber security decision-makers, experts, consultants and channel partners selling security.
uk | nz | au | asia
Data center operators CIOs, IT managers, or IT decision-makers who work for organisations that operate or work closely with data centres. Data centre operators include public, private and hyper-scale providers.
uk | asia
Home users Tech-savvy consumers who are interested in computing and future technologies. Including gadget junkies, gamers, social media butterflies, and futurists.
How we operate
How we generally operate is we sell things on an editorial unit basis. Each editorial unit can then be used to publish a press release, a byline article, a Quickfire interview or a video interview. We also offer more in-depth options for extra units.
Everything we offer is sold on a unit basis. We call them 'Editorial units'.
You can buy as many or as few as you want.
You can pay up front or over many months.
They can be used at any time.
Our advice about lead capture:
Learn more here
Sold as
editorial units
Editorial units
never expire
Avaliable in
six packs
Billed in
your currency
Public relations
Press release
We turn your press release into a news story and publish it.
(1 editorial unit)
Editor written
450 words
We edit and publish your thought leadership column.
(1 editorial unit)
Supplied copy
500 plus words
Quickfire interview
We interview you and turn it into a high quality written story.
(1 editorial unit)
Editor written
500-700 words
Video interview
We interview you and turn it into a 10 minute IT Jam video.
(1 editorial unit)
Editor lead
10 minute video
Sponsored Byline
We edit, publish & promote your thought leadership column.

It includes your call-to-action links.
(2 editorial units)
Supplied copy
500 plus words
Sponsored Review
We write an indepth hands on review of your product.

It includes your call to action links.
(2 editorial units)
Editor written
500-700 words
Bespoke story
We research, interview and write a full advertorial story.

You have full editorial control.

It includes your call to action links.
(3 editorial units)
Editor written
700-1,000 words
Inclusion on our homepages
Inclusion on our email newsletters
Shared on Twitter
SuperMetrics post campaign reporting
Limited editorial control
Factual corrections only
Full editorial control
Editorial input, feedback & corrections
Title control
Image control
Call-to-action links
Homepage stickiness for two weeks
Newsletter stickiness for two weeks
Guaranteed at least 100,000 impressions and 1,500 reads
Everything includes
Guaranteed results
We will run your story on
3-5 sites (on average)
Featured on
Google News
Advertised on
social media
Receive a full
Supermetrics report
Featured on
Ultimate Guides
Supermetrics report
Our SuperMetrics reports are sent 2 weeks after each story has gone live.

This breaks down the impressions and reads, along with an in-depth breakdown by site, region, country, job title and much more.

TechDays SuperMetrics report ensures an all-encompassing view of each campaign's performance. With guaranteed results it is a great way to see how your campaign has gone.

Want to see our supermetrics?
View sample supermetrics here
Ultimate Guides
Our editorial features are called Ultimate Guides. They are a grand central station for all of the content we have on a particular topic.

While they are live updated as new stories are published on the topic, we have a wholesale refresh of each Ultimate Guide quarterly.

We have 176 Ultimate Guides and you can see the list here:
View Ultimate Guides here
Compared to our competitors
Very competitively priced
(With a price beat guarantee)
Each story runs on 3-5 sites
(Not just 1 like our competitors)
We're not distracted
(We don't run events or cooking magazines)
Trusted by the best
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